About Brandy

Founder – Brandy Gregg

The definition of wellness is constantly evolving and Brandy’s solutions have always been on the cutting edge because she transformed her own health picture.  Brandy’s own personal wellness journey began in 2006 and it was from that 80+ pound weight loss and health renewal that her passion was ignited.  For the past 10 years she has been a wellness champion helping her clients employees improve and change their health forever!

Brandy is known for ability to connect with everyone and her solutions-based, creative approach.  Every client’s obstacles are unique and so are Brandy’s strategies to overcoming them.  With passion and enthusiasm Brandy dedicates her life to empowering and educating others to achieve wellness optimally, conveniently and relevant to their lifestyles.

Brandy received her training through the American Council on Exercise, one of the few organizations in the fitness industry accredited by the NCCA.  Prior to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach, Brandy spent several years working in the healthcare industry and played an instrumental role in the hiring and training of employees.

She’s been there – a message in her own words

I’ve felt overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Low carb?  Low fat?  Is it all about calories in versus calories out?  What kind of exercise is best? I had too much information and no direction. In the spring of 2006 I was at an all time low.  I had just giving birth to my second child in March. I was bigger than I had ever been before.  At 26 years old I didn’t want to go out with friends anymore because I was embarrassed about how I looked. I had high blood pressure, frequent migraines, IBS and was borderline diabetic.   I took multiple prescriptions every day and I was miserable.  Something had to change.

But the me I was didn’t match the me I wanted to be.  I wanted to live life to the fullest! 

I bought an elliptical machine and put it in the middle of my living room since that was the only place it fit in my 500 square foot apartment.  I lost 20 lbs in 3 months but then hit a plateau and didn’t know what to do.  In a local paper I found an ad for a personal trainer offering a promotional 2 for 1 special.  If I could find someone else to work out with me, I could have a personal trainer, one hour, twice a week, for half the price.

I was so excited I nearly cried! 

I was a single mom of 2 boys.  I worked a full time job. I barely had any time and definitely did not have the money for this.  But I had to start somewhere.  I had to invest in myself to be able to give back to my children.  It ended up being the most life changing, exhilarating experience of my life.

That year I lost 80 pounds and over 30 inches.  But what I gained was immeasurable.

I ran a mile for the first time in my life.  I started a garden so that I could grow the best foods possible for me and my children. I no longer had high blood pressure, joint pain, IBS or any of the other health problems that previously weighed me down.  The more I progressed, the more I felt like I could take on the world!  My sole desire now is to pass that feeling on to someone else.

 There is no finish line.

Over the last 10 years I have had to redefine my “healthstyle” many times.  I had to learn how to be well when I was in a season of joy, pain, grief, injury or illness.  I know, firsthand, the obstacles.  I am passionate about giving others the same education and tools I used to soar over those hurdles.

Ready to take the next step? Let’s get started. Happy health!