Our Difference

Do you have a wellness program that your employees can’t live without?

CaptureFit started as a dream inside founder, Brandy Gregg’s head over 10 years ago.  At that time things were beginning to change inside the corporate world.  Wellness in the workplace was becoming more prominent.

This was exciting!

But there was still a missing link.  There was no where to turn if you had questions.  What if you wanted to learn more? There was usually an 800 number to call.  But there wasn’t a person, easily accessible.  Someone who knew you.  

Building rapport is the cornerstone for success at implementing any healthstyle change permanently.

To build rapport you must build trust.  To build trust you must develop a relationship.  We build a relationship with your employees individually, as well as with the company.

To achieve this we have chosen to remain a small team with only the top experts in the industry.  We select only the best forward thinking companies to work with and design a specialized program with a lasting impact.

Ready to take the next step? Let’s get started. Happy health!