CrossFit ACA Throwdown 2018

18 - 20 May 2018

Sandton Convention Center, Sandton, Johannesburg

Arnold Classic Africa Throwdown 2018 (CACAT)

I, Michael Maritz, promoter of the ACA (a cut above) Throwdown held at Arnold Classic Africa Sport festival is very excited as count down officially began to the 3rd Throwdown. I am so looking forward to see you all in action at the Throwdown. The magnitude of the Arnold Classic Africa Sports festival will blow your mind as 58 sporting codes with over 16 000 athletes and 75 000+ spectators will partake in it.

This year we have a much bigger space and also very spectator friendly. We will be situated on in the middle of Level 2 Exhibition floor.
One of the main features and highlights of this event is that the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger will visit all the sporting codes during the course of the weekend. He did visit the ACA Throwdown in 2016 and in 2017 he decided to sit down and watch an entire heat and got very excited saying his famous line “ILL BE BACK”. If this scenario repeats itself, it may cause a delay in the program. So please bare with us.

The mission of this ACA Throwdown is to bring together the Functional/CrossFit community from all over the country to compete for the title fittest team in South Africa. The programming for this event will cater for advance; intermediate and beginner athletes.

Please familiarize and adhere to this very important information. Failure to do so can lead to paying for your own accreditation and or disqualification.

2018 Throwdown entries are open.

Entries Close
4 April 2018 at 1pm sharp

Payment must be made within 12hrs of registration or your registration will be void. You can pay via PayFast.

ACAT does NOT reimburse any payments after registration is complete, if your team can’t compete it’s up to YOU to find a replacement. You must inform the ACAT team of any such changes by no later than 30 March 2018 at [email protected].

Entry Fees
Your entry fee will include the following: T-shirt, goody bag and weekend pass for the duration of the Arnold Classic Africa 2018.
Any changes with regards to; team name; team member or division has to be done before closing date 4 April 2018.
No changes will be allowed afterwards.
Ensure that all team members have been added, with all the relevant and correct information as it is VERY important for accreditation. Wrong information will lead to NO accreditation and/ or NO participation.

Entry Duration
The ACAT is a three-day event (18-20 May 2018) and yes all athletes have to be present from Friday 18 May 8AM.

Teams of 2 (1 male & 1 female) / Entry Fee: R1200/team
Teams of 3 same gender / Entry Fee: R1500/team
Teams of 3 same gender Over 40 / Entry Fee: R1500/team
Teams of 6 (3 male & 3 female ) / Entry Fee: R3000/team

Teams of 3 and 6
Teams of 3 will work as follows: only 2 athletes WOD at a time and this can be changed in any way the team finds fit although no changes can be made once the WOD starts. In the case of a serious injury with regimentation from medic/head judge the reserve athlete will be used to complete the WOD. No additional time will be added.

Team of 6 will work as follows: only 4 athletes (2male & 2female) WOD at a time and this can be changed in any way the team finds fit although no changes can be made once the WOD starts. In an event of a serious injury with regimentation from medic/head judge the reserve athlete may be used to complete the WOD.

Category Breakdown
Beginner: CrossFit less than 1 year or never entered a competition before.
Intermediate: CrossFit more than 1 year up to 2 years or never entered a competition before.
RX: CrossFit more than 2 Years or comfortable with all movement standards.
Over 40yr: Already 40 years of age and older on day of Throwdown.
The above applies to all the team members in a team. Anybody is allowed to enter outside of minimum requirement.
The organizers serve the right to move teams to the appropriate category if need be. Athletes that don’t adhere to this rule will be disqualified along with their team members.

Closer to the event (approximately one week prior to the event) Web ticket will send each athlete/official an sms and email with their accreditation ticket number/barcode which will then be scanned when you arrive at the Arnold Classic Africa entry gate.
ONLY 1 ACCREDITATION TICKET WILL BE ISSUED PER PERSON FOR THE 3 DAYS, should you take it off or lose it you will be liable to pay general entry fee.
Spectators can buy tickets online or at the door. For further information visit,

Registration and hand out of goody bags / t-shirts will take place Friday 18th May from 8am to 10am sharp at the Throwdown arena (Level 2 Exhibition floor Sandton Convention Centre).

Movement Standards
The movement standards for the for the ACA Throwdown will be the same as for the CrossFit Open 2018 and we urge you to Participate in the CrossFit Opens 2018.

Voluntary Judges
To judge at the ACA Throwdown you must have successfully completed the 2018 CrossFit Online Judges course and actively be involved by judging in the CrossFit Open 2018. If you are interested please send mail to Marius at [email protected] for approval.

WOD Release
WOD 1,2,3,4&5 will only be released on 1st May 2018. Questions on WOD’s will only be answered at athlete briefings.

WOD Schedule
Friday 18 May: WOD1 & WOD2
Saturday 19 May: WOD3 & WOD4
Sunday 20 May: WOD5, after this WOD the top 6 RX teams will proceed to the final “WOD6”.
(intermediate, beginner and over 40 divisions will have WOD5 as their finals)

Heat Allocation
Heat allocation will work as follows.
Day 1: Friday 18 May 2018 will be announced according to entry position, last entry first heat
Day 2 & 3: Sat/Sun 19/20 May 2018 will work on the results of day 1.

Friday 18/5/18
Registration: 8:00 am to 10am. (No registration or handout after 10am)
Athlete briefing: 10:30 am.
First WOD starts at: 12:30 pm.

Saturday 19/5/18
Athlete briefing: 8:30 am.
First WOD starts at: 10:00 am

Sunday 20/5/18
Athlete briefing: 8:30am
First WOD starts at: 10:00 am

All athletes/officials/sponsors/partners of the Throwdown have to complete and sign the online waiver form which will also be available in hard copy at registration table on 18 May 2018.
The ACAT organizers serves the right to change or alter any movement / WOD / program / division if need be.
Judges decision will be FINAL.
Any disrespect towards judges/officials or use of foul language will result in immediate disqualification.
It is each athlete’s responsibility to look after their own belongings.
When a team does not pitch when heat is called, they will not be moved to a later stage but will get a ZERO score.

For any event related queries, please email [email protected]



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