CCF Games Series Teams - Saturday 26 Nov 2022

26 Nov 2022

The Factory, Pier Place, Foreshore

Welcome to the FINAL edition of The CCF Games in 2022 - with both Individual AND Team events at the Factory!

This will be the last events of the 2022-series, where we will not only have a separate leader board for the two events but we will also crown the overall winners that have collected the most points across the entire CCF GAMES-season!

Details for the event:


  • Where: The Factory, Pier Place, Foreshore
  • When: 07.00-19.30-ish (doors open at 16.00)
  • Format: TEAMS OF 4 (2x Female Athletes + 2 Male Athletes ONLY constellation that gives RX-scores on leader board).
    NOTE The Burpee-Penalties
    Every "Competition-athletes": 5 Team Burpees at the start of each WOD.
    Definition of "Competition-Athlete": anyone frequently doing more than one session per day.
  • Who: Any level of experience level is welcome as we will have different choices of movements as always.
  • What: 3 WODs with the following scoring opportunities:
  • EVENT 1: Conga Line style WOD with all athletes performing the same distance on a Bike Erg, but then share bar gymnastic reps as needed.
  • EVENT 2: DB-WOD where the whole team works together, one athlete doing reps and another holding static holds.
  • EVENT 3: Full Team working together to finish a set number of reps of Wall Balls & Rope Climbs, and then a team run to the finish line!

Remember that these throw downs really are for ALL levels and is mainly about having FUN, register your team NOW!

NB: Check out the OVERALL leader board for the monthly “CCF Games Series” HERE!

Our members can compete in monthly events and track their ranking on a continuous leader board, AND there's even an Inter-box Competition where the box with the most participants each month wins points for their "CCF Home Box" and the winning box then gets to keep the 'CCF Community Cup"-trophy at their home box until the next event!

Please note that deadline is Thursday the 24th of November at 12.00 sharp (to allow us to plan the time lines, populate heats etc). This time around we wont be able to handle any late sign ups.

PS. We aren't charging our members anything for these throw downs (could change in the future), but we want to highlight a charity each month and this time we have chosen THE HAVEN NIGHTSHELTER that we supports those that live on the street, which we all can agree needs as much support as we can give them.

Feel free to contribute to helping make someone else's life better by donating here:

Link: or

For any event related queries, please email [email protected]



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