Clash in the North 18.2

26 - 28 Oct 2018

Tygerberg High School (Home of FitBox Plattekloof), 5 Fairfield St, De Tijger, Cape Town

Clash in the North is an bi-annual CrossFit event running for the 5th time in 2018.

Clash in the North will be hosted at The Tygerberg High School and promises to be the biggest event yet running in conjunction with the 7’s schools rugby on the adjacent field. This is a real community based event and we invite you guys to join us at a weekend of sweat, hard work and lots of fun! Get your entries in ASAP, limited spots available. We welcome those boxes and facilities from around South Africa to participate and come down for a holiday!

This competition is a Beginner and Intermediate event and we welcome all athletes to enter, whether you're just starting out or been at this for a while. This October we will open entries to the following 6 divisions:

2 divisions Beginner/Intermediate Mixed Teams of 3:
- Male/Male/Female
- Female/Female/Male

2 divisions Intermediate Mixed Teams of 3:
- Male/Male/Female
- Female/Female/Male

Then the all male and all female will be 4 divisions as follows
- All male ‘intermediate/advanced’
- All female ‘intermediate/advanced’
- All male ‘intermediate’
- All female male ‘intermediate’

Entry Fee: Entries with shirts closed. R1100 without shirts per team

A little more clarification when selecting a division

Beginner to Intermediate:
1. MMF teams of 3
2. FFM teams of 3
Both these categories will have scaled movements in the compulsory workouts for the weekend. We will have slightly higher skilled movements into the semi and finals such as pull ups, overhead DB squats and medium barbell (snatches-cleans work (40-60kg/25-45kg)
Programming will still allow athletes to have their more skilled member complete work or go first alllowing for maximum scoring

Intermediate Mixed:
This is the new category to allow the teams to start to become more competitive but not have heavier weights set them back too far. This athlete or team should be well rounded in skills (squat snatches and cleans, multiple pull ups and hspu/hsw) but not necessarily have heavy bar work 70/45kg+ clean e.g.This category will have medium barbell weights moved more for reps and time and not for max load. Athletes in the semi and final may find themselves having to have every athletes completing one skilled rep to advance or allow the team to carry on

Intermediate/advanced Men’s and Ladies:
5.MMM or 6.FFF
Teams finishing top 6 over past events This category will allow a top 150 open qualifier or facility coach/top athlete to compete with fellow intermediate athletes starting to move a heavier barbell with skilled gymnastics. The idea here is for those athletes at a high level to encourage some guys to push themselves to that more advanced level. Please don’t pack your team with a few regional/elite athletes but think of maybe pushing your buddy who you think can maybe start advancing

If you not sure we can definitely help you setup your team correctly by sending your team info/years training and some stats directly to our [email protected] email or contact us in the messenger

We hope to see you guys registering for a massive event to top off what we have done so far. Please remember the goal for CITN is to get those newbies and members at your facilities to enter their first comp.

There will be a more outdoor feel to this event bringing some odd equipment and teamwork in. We will start posting some teasers in August so that we start to get those brains going.

Registration fees must be EFT'd to the following bank details:

  • Account Name: Box Mechanix
  • Bank: FNB
  • Acc No: 62507205814
  • Branch No: 250655

Email proof of payment to [email protected].

Please send any event queries to [email protected].

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