Clash in the North 23.1

26 - 28 May 2023

Fitbox Durbell, Welgemoed Primary, Jip De Jager Dr, Welgemoed, Cape Town

Clash in the North is an bi-annual Fitness event running for the 11th time in 2023 on the 26 - 28 May 2023. We will be running the weekend schedule as normal with only RX teams starting Friday at Durbanville equestrian centre. Int/sc teams will start early Saturday morning (first light) at the new location. Then we will continue late Saturday morning at Welgemoed primary school and FitBox DurBell.

Friday is only rx teams

All teams are to enter with a judge, teams can select the same judge ie one box can have 2-3 judges between their teams, but min 1 judge if that makes sense.

The extra team member is helping the comp volunteer a judge for the weekend we are trying to grow the judging community. This can be one of your team members. It’s not compulsory so either leave blank or use your team captains details we will contact you to confirm that you are volunteering even if it’s one heat or event outside your heat/event.

This is a real community based event and we invite you guys to join us at a weekend of sweat, hard work and lots of fun! Get your entries in ASAP.

We welcome those boxes and facilities from around South Africa to participate and come down for a holiday!

This competition is a Beginner and Intermediate event and we welcome all athletes to enter, whether you’re just starting out or been at this for a while.

We will open entries to the following 4 divisions: Scaled MMFF, Intermediate MMFF, Masters MMFF, RX MM and MF/FF

Entry Fee:
Scaled, Intermediate, Masters: R2400
RX: R1200

Masters entered will automatically have a final on the Sunday using their weekends scores so please select your age accurately so that we can highlight your team before the competition. Masters finishing outside the overall podium will get a recognition final workout and podium.

Registration fees must be EFT'd to the following bank details:

  • Account Name: Box Mechanix
  • Bank: FNB
  • Acc No: 62507205814
  • Branch No: 250655
  • Reference: CITN_[TEAMNAME]

When deciding on the CITN categories and what to enter your team as you should consider the following:

Scaled: MMFF - items in brackets highlight the scaled variations
This is for a team that’s entering for their first time or if half or more of the team will be unable to do pull ups (Ring Rows),Handstand walk (Bear crawl) Toes to Bar (Toes above waist), strict push ups with no snaking (push ups with knees and toes touching the floor), box jumps 50cmF/60cmM ( Step ups or over boxes are optional), and barbell work that requires skill to move weight for ladies <30kg or men <40kg.
Scaled workout can be viewed on our instagram page from our previous events for more ideas on what to expect.
Finals will always have a tester but if the team cannot complete there will be a burpee penalty to continue

Intermediate: MMFF
This is our feature category and one where if you have entered before and you feel your team has got 50% or more of the athletes who can do the following then we would like you to really test your boundaries and push each other to enter here. Teams that enter should be able to have at least one male or female be able to do the following but not only (we might decide to screw you over :))
Finals will always have a tester but if the team cannot complete there will be a burpee penalty to continue

pull ups, Toes to Bar, strict push ups with no snaking, box jumps 50cmF/60cmM, and barbell work that requires skill to move weight for gladies <40kg or men 50kg.

RX teams of 2: MM and MF
This category is for your athletes that have got most skills and a good idea of their capacity. There will likely be a max lift or weightlifting complex and most high level gymnastics will be tested.

Please check our instagram page for workout examples

Email proof of payment to [email protected].

Please send any event queries to [email protected].

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