Fittest in Cape Town 2018 Online Qualifier

17 - 26 November 2017


Want a spot in the FiCT2018 Individual Competition?

Who will challenge the champ in 2018?

Here's how to qualify for the most epic Fitness event in Southern Africa, READ THIS:

Just like the past two years previous winners will receive a Golden Ticket to FiCT2018, and if you want to compete with them you'll have to earn your spot through our 10 day Online Qualifier! There will be 3 WOD's, to be done at any time during these 10 days. Make sure that all scores are posted by the deadline as no late submissions will be allowed what so ever.
Make sure you read the rules of video submissions and movement standards for EACH FiCT2018 Q-WOD.

Online Qualifier - Registration through CaptureFit - in partnership with BoxChamp:

  • Total Spots at FiCT2018: 24 Male & 24 Female spots, including Golden Tickets.
  • Format of Online Qualifier: 3 WOD's to be performed over 10 days.
  • DATES: 17th - 26th of November (20.00).
  • Rules: All FiCT2018 Online Q-WOD scores must be logged before 20.00 on the 26th of November.
  • Qualifying Hopeful: Must video ALL 3 Q-WOD's and be ready to send link to video submission within 24h upon request (ALL Qualifying athletes will be requested to send in video/videos*).
  • Fee: R100. (Main event cost is R900 and must be paid by Online Qualified athletes to claim their spot).
  • NB: FiCT may also at any time request a video of any athlete to validate a score. This especially goes for prize winning performances or those that are sitting on Qualifying spots at any time. Failure to send in a video within 24 hours upon request equals a DISQUALIFICATION from the FiCT 2018 Online Qualifier - film your Q-WODs..

Prize Pool for FiCT2018 Online Qualifier!

For the first time ever we are adding a prize pool to the Online Qualifier to both reward the top athletes in the qualifier it self, but also help those that qualify with travel expenses for the Main Event. 

Here's our prize pool for the FiCT2018 Online Qualifier - Male & Female winners of the total ranking:

  1. R3.000
  2. R2.000
  3. R1.000


On top of this our epic Sponsors are helping out with some EPIC prizes for the Onine Qualifier as well!

Additional Prizes from our Sponsors for Online Qualifiers:

FiCT 2018 Q-WOD 1 - Presented by NUTRITECH:

Winners, male & female, of this WOD will win the "The NURITECH WOD-Zilla Package":

1x Whey Protein Isolate - 1kg
1x Amino PRE
1x Box Protein Bars
1x CREATECH Loaded
1x NUWAY Energy Oats
1x Shaker Bottle
1x Strength Wraps
1x Lifting Belt

FiCT 2018 Q-WOD 2 - Presented by MiFitness:

Winners, male & female, of this WOD will win a "MyZone Strap" (Valued at: R2.000) - and MiFitness is sponsoring another MyZone strap to the winner of the entire FiCT2018 Online Qualifier. 

FiCT 2018 Q-WOD 3 - Presented by Reebok:

Winners, male & female, of this WOD will win a secret prize from Reebok SA. 

All prizes are subject of a validated video submission and as such will only be confirmed AFTER the entire Online Qualifier is finished.

Movement Standards & Video Submission Requirements:

FiCT 2018 will use commonly used movement standards for the Online Qualifier, such as often seen in as an example the CrossFit Games Open. We will release info regarding all movements, but we also expect all athletes to know the movement standards. 

Failure to adhere to the movement standards in a video submission will be penalised as follow:

  • 1-3 "No Reps": Reps deducted from score in an "AMRAP"-WOD, or 10 seconds added per No Rep in a "FOR TIME"-WOD.
  • +3 "No Reps": Video Submission DISQUALIFIED & Athlete can not qualify for FiCT 2018.

Videos MUST be filmed in accordance to FiCT2018 Online Qualifier instructions - these will be different for each WOD so make sure you know them.

Box Owners, use the Online Qualifier to rank your athletes AND win a Free Entry plus MiFitness Equipment!

As an added bonus we are rewarding the Box with the most individual sign ups for the FiCT2018 Online Qualifier with a FREE Entry (R3.200 reimbursed after Online Qualifier is over) AND a R3.000 Gift Voucher from MiFitness!

Rules to be eligible for the Online Qualifier Prizes for Boxes.

*Make sure ALL your athletes are using the SAME Box Name!
*Only available for boxes that has a team signed up for FiCT2018 Main Event.

PS. A recommendation: Make FiCT2018 Online Qualifiers part of your box program, OR set up a big "event" on a Saturday to have all your athletes going through the 3 different WODs - tough but doable and it can help you get the most sign ups!


Will you stand on the Fittest in Cape Town podium in 2018? These girls and guys want to stop you...

For any event related queries, please email [email protected]


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