Reach Your Genetic Potential ™

Online event hosted by MSC LAB Pty Ltd. Reach Your Genetic Potential ™

What gets measured gets managed!

A holistic solution to enable you Reach out for your Genetic Potential. This continuous learning programme helps to educate and assist you to truly encompass an all round approach to health. It provides you a baseline and a starting point to measure and track your improvements, using evidence based athletic assessments including meal plans, high tech anthropometric and metabolic testing, as well as specialized programs developed by our team of experts to educate and provide guidance so as to gain a truly balanced, fulfilled and sustainable lifestyle.

Online Specialized programs: 8 Weeks, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced if applicable. 

Nutrition Programme

Inge Retief

Registered dietitian, BDietetics UP, special interest sports nutrition, paediatrics, practice number 0362697

Gymnastics Programme

Brendon Lewis

Box Owner & Head coach CrossFit ShenLi, CrossFit Gymnastics, CFL1

Strength Programme

Joshua Capazorio

ETA,GFM,SFG1,SFG2,Meta Coaching 1& 2, ASA, Level 1

Preggy Programme: Pre and Post Partum

Diane Hope

CFL1, Athlete, Trainer, Head Programmer and Previous Box owner, Mom of 3 beautiful girls. 

Yoga and Meditation Programme

Tawana Randall

300hr Level 2. Hatha, Yoga Alliance International 

Running Programme

Vicky Hansen

BSC Sports Psych. PT,  Elite Sponsored Athlete

8 Week Holistic Solution Options

Strong is the new skinny– ZAR500 VAT Inc

  • Pre - In body Assessment
  • Pre and Post Online Fitness Assessment
  • 1 x 8 week Online Specialised Programme of your choice
  • Full access to video tutorials, movement standards, performance tracking for that option.

*** Excludes Nutrition Programme Option

WOD Body – ZAR1000 VAT Inc

Nutrition is 80% of the work !

  • Online Individualised ZONE Diet Meal Plan, recipes, exchange lists, online consultation. 
  • Pre & Post InBody Assessment
  • 1 x 8 week Online Specialised Programme of your choice
  • Full access to video tutorials, movement standards, performance tracking for that option.
  • Full access to video tutorials, performance tracking
  • Reach Your Genetic Potential ™ Online Generic Nutrition ZONE Tools, exchange lists

**Preggy Programme includes nutritional guidelines however quote required for specific measurement adjustment

INBODY Assessment Only – ZAR250 Vat INC

Work your way through each Program ... Educate, Improve, and Enlighten. 

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